Lessons from a startup that scaled up

Lessons from a startup that scaled up

There are some findings about what makes companies succeed the most? What factors actually matter the most for startup success?
Startups are the greatest forms to make the world a better place. What actually matters for startup success?


5 essential element that leads startups to success

● Idea

Idea is the king of a startup. An idea needs to identify people’s problems and deliver a simple and affordable solution. The best way is to put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Having a small or a big idea doesn’t really matter unless it has no purpose for the customers to come in.

● Team 
Hire the right type of people, not everyone can succeed in this type of environment. People find passion, skill and business need in the work they do. To find the right type of people companies codify using core values. Create a safe space for employees to go once the
business needs are fulfilled. A team’s execution ability reflects on customer behaviour. 


● Business Plan

Does the company have a clear vision of generating customer revenues? It doesn’t really matter if you don’t have a huge business plan. Just a basic small idea can also be a kick start, later can create a proper business model with the response and behaviour of your customers. 


● Investment

Money is everything. But it also depends on the idea and the plan of the business. Now all companies with huge funding scale up. The only motto of huge investment is to run the company smoothly. If you are underfunded at first but gaining purchases it becomes easy to get intense funding.

● Timing

Before the launch answer the questions like is the idea way too early? Is the world ready for it? Or is it too late? Are there too many competitors? Successful businesses look for the right time and study the market before launch. Timing really matters for the success and failure of the business. The best way to access timing is to really look if consumers are ready for what you are offering. With respect to the above factors, timing accounts the most for the success and failure of a business. Team execution comes second and uniqueness of the idea comes third.

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