Facebook’s inbuilt features that help in digital marketing

The best ways to scale your online business

Why Facebook?

Facebook was first built in 2004. But it became popular in 2006. At present there are over 3 billion monthly active users and over 2 billion people daily login into facebook. From a business perspective facebook is the best marketing platform to scale up your business and represent your brand online. 

Facebook is the powerhouse of marketing itself. Not just because of the number of users, but also because of the tools that it gives to reach and market to our target audience. When you know how to use these tools to reach your clients and customers where they are now, you will never be short of leads, sales or customers.

● Facebook Personal Page

Facebook personal page is the page that you first see when you open the app, that’s what you signed up for. It’s a page where you see your name and get connected with friends and family. It’s not a business page, you can’t run ads there. It’s one of the most effective ways to connect with your network and to build your business. That’s why being on facebook’s personal page is incredibly important to let you friends and family know what you do, after all word of mouth and referrals are the most powerful way to build up your business. You can post strategically and carefully on your personal page about your business without spamming them. This page has decent organic reach. General public outside the marketing and business world are not aware of the tools facebook gives. For them, facebook personal page is facebook.

● Facebook Business Page

If you have a business you need a facebook business page. It gives access to tools that cannot be used on a personal page like putting in business addresses or running ads. Personal page is mostly personal and a little bit business whereas the business page is totally about business. Keeping your content business focused or business related that your customers or clients would find useful or interesting. You may have zero followers in the beginning but it’s better to try building organically by mentioning in your website or email newsletter rather than putting a lot of money in ads.

● Facebook Stories

Facebook stories are a fun and casual way to share quick moments or behind the scenes of your business. Stories are vertical photos or videos shot from a phone and it lasts only for 24 hours. Stories have stickers, effects, emojis to make it look cool and engaging to attract the audience. The key of having facebook stories is to use them often like twice or five times a day depending on your business, market and audience. Stories need to be a part of marketing as they are real and authentic.

● Facebook Live

Facebook live is a live streaming platform. Which means you can create live videos from your phone or desktop and broadcast them either on your personal account or business page or any groups you are part of. It shows your true personality in a real and raw way. You can’t really edit that stuff. You can either live stream through mobile phones or set up a studio. You need to find courage in you to go live. It is an effective marketing tool.

● Facebook Messenger
Facebook messenger is a tool like text or SMS. it allows you to directly message through facebook platform. You can do this through your personal page or business page. There are advanced software given if used through business pages like chatbot- which stimulates conversation with human users to guide them what to do next. Since instagram is also owned by facebook, now we can message instagram friends through facebook. Messenger doesn’t just give accessibility or ability to message friends, family, clients or customers but also tools and features it gives you. You can send emoji, stickers, gifs, audio messages and also video messages. It’s important to be empathetic and put yourself in your clients or customers shoes, to know the way they want to communicate with you and your business.
● Facebook Groups
An incredible feature of facebook that gives the ability to build a community of like-minded individuals around a certain topic, interest or business. There are 3 options to do marketing with facebook groups. Option 1- Free Facebook Groups, It is a group that you create and let like minded and business interest people join in for free. Option 2- Paid Facebook Group, In this the members or clients or customers pay you to join in your group. Option 3- Other peoples facebook groups, you just post your product or service in there and get customers.
● Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads is a great marketing tool. Facebook gives great opportunities to promote the business. It doesn’t only give you access to Facebook’s massive audience but also the targeting, placement and the creative liberty to create high converting ads. Facebook ads are accelerators, if you have good business, great offer, clear messaging, fix target market it helps to grow with astonishing results.

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