Chat GPT is the latest offering from Open AI. GPT here stands for Generative pre- trained transformer. It’s a style model specifically designed to engage with you via natural language. 

In December 2022 this application was a research preview so some behaviours capabilities and general characteristics are subject to change. Generative AI is an artificial intelligence that can generate new content rather than simply analysing or acting on existing data. Chat GPT is a product launched by Open AI on 30 November 2022 and got over a million users in just 5 days. 

But What is Open AI? How does it work?

Open AI the business was founded in 2015 by Sam Altman and Elon Musk. Their goal was to advance digital intelligence in the way that is most likely to benefit humanity. You might have seen open AI’s other program named DALL.E, text to image AI software that creates images based on simple written inputs. Open AI is an artificial intelligence research business that has shifted from non-profit to capped profit. Open AI is trying to avoid any mishaps by employing moderation API, a moderation system that assists developers to show when things go against their content policy like illegal or unsafe information. The information here is not 100% accurate but it helps well. Chat GPT and DALL.E is GPT3 a natural language system that can also write, argue and code.

Now what exactly is Chat GPT?

According to the statement from open AI, ”we’ve trained a model called chat GPT which interacts in a conversational way. It answers followup questions, admits its mistakes, challenges incorrect premises and rejects inappropriate requests. Chat GPT is the third update to open AI’s generative pre-training idea. ChatGPT doesn’t stop with just human-like conversations, it corrects grammar, it summarises difficult texts into simple concepts, it converts movies into emojis and it fixes bugs in python code. The training used RLHF i.e,. Reinforcement learning from human feedback. The first immediate consequence of ChatGPT was that its own website was frozen due to massive demand with over a million people signing up to use the software in just 5 days. This forced Open AI to quickly scale their system. Chat GPT is in its early stages of development so its knowledge is limited. 

First ability of chat GPT is to largely replace search engines for questions. There are some ethical implications that come with this type of chatbot. Chat GPT’s ability to generate human-like written text, could see the end of journalism. Whereas others feel it lacks the nuance and critical or ethical thinking skills are required. Open AI has already said some answers are incorrect because there is no source of truth in the data they used to train the model. Chat GPT’s Q&A is free to the public but many suggest that future iterations could include cost per question. Generative AI produces output based on inputs we provide. Some responses from any inputs that you have take milliseconds which we assume to be true response rate. Sometimes it might take a while and still give you results, if it takes more that a second it might probably show an error you just need to retry again.


As a language model, some advantages of its abilities include:

  • It can generate a human-like text.
  • It uses a variety of natural language processing tasks.
  • It has been trained on a large dataset.
  • It has a wide range of knowledge and can answer a wide range of questions.
  • This makes a powerful tool for creating chatbots, virtual assistants and other language- based applications.

Some potential disadvantages of my abilities include:

  • It can sometimes generate nonsensical or irrelevant responses.
  • It might generate text that is grammatically incorrect or un- idiomatic.
  • It also lacks common sense knowledge, which can be a limitation in certain applications.
  • It only provides information based on trained data.

Now the question is: What kinds of questions can you ask to ChatGPT?

Being a successful talk town recently, this smart AI tool has the capacity to answer any type of questions. It tries to solve the problem on the basis of what it was taught. It can be used for good or to get answers to bad questions. People nowadays are using this AI tool to make their work easy. Students ask for answers to their homework, developers ask for cord if they are stuck, businessmen ask for business strategies, content creators ask for content ideas, women ask  for cooking recipes and so on. The use of this tool is endless and insufficient. From giving you company to just sitting and talking as a friend to playing some game, from preparing an excel formula to making a successful business strategy. 


There are both positives and negatives in this AI tool but the team has done a successful job by showing us the future.

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